Snow Child was established in 2017 by Hunter Berry, who was born and raised in Colden, NY. The Snow Child brand represents Hunter’s passion for snow through his trademark on apparel, which can now be shared to the world.

Every year, Hunter anxiously awaits for that first snowflake to fall; something all winter enthusiasts can relate to. Snow Child encompasses the winter season’s activities from the amateur to the extremist of all ages. When that first snow falls, the fresh powder becomes your playground… nothing but pure joy; life’s stresses seem to disappear. Hunter’s happiness is found deep within that fresh powder, and for anyone who understands that feeling, that love, you too are a Snow Child!

Best Sellers


SC Beverage Sling

If you like to have ICE COLD beverages and you like the convenience of not having to go walk over where you left your big ole bulky cooler 100 miles away to get your drinks…. then this SC BEVERAGE SLING is for you!!

The SC BEVERAGE SLING is great for multiple uses… If you’re a skier/snowboarding and like to enjoy a …


SC Duffel Bag

Our SC Duffel Bag is perfect for everyday use or short trips. Made of durable polyester material with Nylon handles and removable shoulder strap. To the beach, to the gym, away for the weekend, you name it… this is the perfect duffel bag.


OG Hoodies

We are bringing BACK our OG Snow Child hoodies!!!!
If you’re in search of a new FAVORITE hoodie… your searching is DONE!! These Dope A$$ hoodies are stylish but also very very warm & cozy… So warm and cozy that your Girlfriend will steal it from you when you finally take it off to wash it..

So get yourself one maybe two …


Thin Blue Line Tee

The SC Thin Blue Line American Flag is a classic and respectful way to honor all of the officers of the country. The sleek design perfectly complements the stark white or black of the T-shirt, resulting in a subtle and sophisticated look. This Tee is perfect for everyday wear. Don’t let another day go by without a stylish way to …

Sponsored Riders

Snow Child Clothing Sponsored rider: Wyatt Langendorfer

Wyatt Langendorfer

Snow Child Clothing Sponsored Rider: Peter Schiavoni

Peter Schiavoni

Snow Child Clothing

Scott Ehmke


Sam Kidder


Snow Child Clothing

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